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Madison Legal Lawyers Succeed In Challenge To Jury Trials

Daniel’s successful submissions form part of a strong Gibraltar practice for Madison Legal’s team. It remains to be seen as to whether the judgment issued in Gibraltar will inspire similar actions in the UK, such as the Fox case. It is true, however, that this case is a strong precedent in Gibraltar’s legal development and a strong result for the Madison Legal team.

Missing A Court Deadline, What Is Next? – A Practical Summary

After the parties have served their claim, defend any reply they should try to agree directions. If the parties cannot agree on directions, it will be left to the Court to determine them at a short hearing known as a Costs and Case Management Conference (“CCMC”). The Court will also approve, or determine, the parties’ costs budgets at the same hearing.

What Is A Freezing Injunction?

Freezing injunctions are used in domestic cases, however, this form of remedy has a higher importance in international commercial litigation. The reason is that international parties are generally more interested and have the ability to move assets between jurisdictions.

What Is Civil Fraud?

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Fraud can best be described as the deliberate or intentional use of misrepresentation, deception, or dishonesty to deprive, in order to make a gain or achieve an advantage for someone or something or to disadvantage or cause loss (usually financial) to another person or party. That said, it is not always necessary that a scenario which has, at its heart, elements of dishonesty, requires establishing actual dishonesty on the part of some or all of the protagonists in order to seek a civil remedy.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a means of settling a dispute, conflict, or claim without courtroom litigation. Instead, the parties involved agree to use an ADR process such as mediation or arbitration. ADR has gained broad acceptance by the public and the legal profession. In the United Kingdom, anyone who doesn’t want to go to court over a civil (non-criminal) matter is free to choose ADR so long as all parties agree to it. When a lawsuit is pending, in some cases courts encourage or require the litigants to use ADR to help settle disputes more amicably and reduce the court…

Will, Trust And Probate Dispute Solicitors

The death of a loved one is always a distressing time. The stress of the situation can be increased further when the Will is challenged or claims are made against the estate. When a person dies, their estate will be dealt with as detailed in their Will, or under the rules of intestacy if a Will does not exist. If you do not believe that a Will expresses an individual’s true wishes (for example, because they may have been unduly influenced), or that a Will may be invalid as it wasn’t signed correctly or the person lacked capacity, you may have…

Will I Lose My Home If I Go Bankrupt? – Declaring Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy will affect your home in different ways, depending on whether you rent or own it.

This area can be complex, so before you consider bankruptcy, read both the advice below and our main bankruptcy advice page. Call our advice team if you need further help or if your home does not fit into one of these categories.

HMRC Bounce Back Loan Investigation

Introduced by the government in April 2020, the Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) provided rapid access to finance for small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Through the scheme, SMEs could borrow between £2,000 and 25% of their turnover, up to a maximum of £50,000.
While businesses took advantage of the BBLS, it wasn’t without controversy. In June 2021, it was revealed that basic fraud checks were disregarded in the rush to ensure vulnerable businesses were protected at the start of the pandemic. As a result, the scheme was open to fraud, defaults, and error. Nearly half of the loans taken out won’t be repaid, and because they are government-backed, the taxpayer is left picking up the tab.

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